Metronome: Podcast landing pages

Convert your social media audience into listeners on their preferred podcast platform.

Metronome provides podcast landing pages that look awesome on mobile and desktop.

Don't let your listener miss out on your latest episode.

Convert your Twitter audience
into listeners on Spotify.

Metronome gives you a podcast landing page that works, no matter what app or platform your fans are using to listen to your show.

No credit card required.

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How Metronome helps your podcast, in just ONE step.

Step 1.

Find your podcast's RSS feed URL, and submit it to Metronome.


Metronome automagically builds the landing page, including links to your show on other platforms.


You also get a customized URL for the landing page. Add this to all your social media profiles!

Get the gift that keeps on giving, for this year and beyond:
a Metronome podcast landing page, for the low, one-time price of $20.

Features that help convert your audience into LISTENERS.

Built-in player

Instantly let your fans hear the latest episode of your show!

Episode browser

Lists your latest episodes, all playable at the click of a button.

Audiogram creator

Create unlimited audiograms from any of your published episodes, for posting on social media.

Episode recommender

Keep your listeners listening to your show by recommending related episodes.

Channel streamer

Let your fans listen on their favorite app - iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and more!


Metronome's landing pages are optimized for display on mobile devices!

Social sharing

Easily share an episode to places like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Analytics and insights

Keep track of traffic, insights and user engagement on your podcast.

The Metronome Starter Plan: perfect for podcasts of any type.

Starter Plan

Includes all of these:
  • 1 podcast landing page
  • Your own link
  • Summarized statistics
  • Unlimited audiograms New!
  • Episode recommender
  • Social media cards


one-time fee

(no credit card required!)

Podcast landing page

Mobile devices account for 65% of podcast listening - and our landing pages are optimized to look good on both mobile and desktops. So your audience gets the best experience, no matter what they're using.

Your own link

All plans come with your own short URL, making it super-easy to add on your social media bio/profile pages.

Summarized statistics

Metronome keeps track of important statistics of user interaction with your landing page: how many times the "play" button was clicked on which episodes, and which platforms they prefer listening on.

Unlimited audiograms

Create unlimited audiograms from any of your podcast's published episodes, and download them for use on social media.

Episode recommender

Link related episodes together and recommend other related episodes to your listeners. This keeps them locked in, promotes stickiness for your show, and helps to drive up your number of listens and downloads.

Social media cards

Also known as Social Previews, social media cards create a richer experience when you post your Metronome podcast landing page link on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even within apps like Whatsapp!