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Twitter update template

Use this 5-tweet template to show your progress and learnings to the community.

We ask only that you retain the format of the Tweet thread and the emojis, for consistency and easy retrieval by other #buildinpublic enthusiasts!

🔥 #buildinpublic recap/update

List down what you said you'd do in your last update. Or if this is a new start, state down your *one* top goal for this next stretch of build.

✅ 10-word summary of what went well

A longer description of what went well. Include bullet points, if necessary.

❌ 10-word summary of what could have been done better

A longer description of what didn't go so well, and what you learnt from the experience.

⏩ 10-word summary of what you're doing next

A longer description of what your next immediate actions/goals are, between now and the next update.

🙌 Shoutout!

A shoutout to the people that are helping you power through this stretch (tag them here)

#buildinpublic @buildinpublic_